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A brief sampling of our past projects

Madison Square Garden, circa 1950s


Coliseum, Exposition Park
Los Angeles, CA circa 1950s

The following represent a brief sampling of the types of services provided over the years.

  • Served on the board of advisors of Incord, a custom safety netting company in CT that provides netting for stadiums, trampoline parks, water parks, and numerous other sport/recreation and other safety environments.

  • Assisted an international sport association in developing a comprehensive nationwide insurance program.

  • Developed and wrote a curriculum and activities for the IAAM's (now IAVM's) Academy for Venue Safety and Security (AVVS). Held in August 2004 in Dallas, Texas, and every year thereafter, the program has trained hundreds of facility executives in how to handle various risks from natural hazards through terrorist attacks.

  • Assisted an international recreation association facing a financial crisis by providing options to avoid bankruptcy.

  • Advised a major manufacturing company on safety policies and procedures to reduce the threat of corporate espionage.

  • Conducted a comprehensive insurance analysis for a martial arts chain, which determined that their existing policy failed to protect them adequately.

  • Provide a major sports insurance broker with client services to help answer their risk management questions

  • Assisted several youth sport organizations in developing appropriate responses to deal with ADA concerns, criminal misconduct, and sexual abuse.

  • Conducted a large survey on consumer buying patterns for a major professional tennis event. 

  • Assisted a professional soccer team negotiating lease concerns with various government entities

  • Assisted several insurance companies in calculating appropriate damages in various sport injury cases

  • Developed comprehensive employee manuals, incident reporting manuals, and sexual abuse prevention manuals for several major youth organization and park and recreation departments

  • Provided comprehensive facility audits for several major college athletic departments, fitness centers, and arenas/stadiums

  • Undertook comprehensive school audits examining life safety, fire code, and general risk management concerns.

  • Assisted an international association in developing policies to help train crowd management employees

  • Assisted several venture capital (VC) firms in evaluating investment options

  • Conducted a significant competitive analysis study for a client entailing thousands of surveys in over 15 states

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