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Litigation support and expert witness in New Haven, Connecticut


Sample cases:
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Violence cases
Expert in various risk management cases associated with providing safe facilities - such as the Aurora Theater Shooting cases.

Foul ball cases
Worked on several cases involving bats/balls in the stands.

Crowd management cases
Expert for Walmart in the death of a contract worker during a Black Friday sale.

Parking Lot Violence
Expert in several parking lot violence and injury cases including the 2014 Stow case in Los Angeles.

Dram shop cases
Defended several major sport facilities and concessionaires in alcohol service cases at sport events.

Hockey puck cases
Advised attorneys on rink safety related claims

School liability cases
Worked on several cases involving standard of care for school officials

Spectator injury cases
Various injuries to fans at sporting events and rock concerts.

Stadium safety cases
Represented the University of Wisconsin in defending 11 cases brought by fans injured in a stampede during the 1993 Michigan v. Wisconsin football game. 

Crowd management cases
Expert in several crowd management cases such as bar safety and rock concert moshing issues.

Sport violence cases
Expert in several violence related cases including fan violence/disturbances in the stand and an amateur sport violence case.

Basketball injury valuation
Helped a defendant analyze the potential lost wages that could be anticipated by a professional basketball player who was injured on a charter airline flight.

Traumatic injury cases
Assisted attorneys in numerous paraplegia, quadriplegia, brain injury and wrongful death cases

Facility safety cases
Assisted the New Jersey Sports & Exhibition Authority (NJSEA) in several cases including several escalator malfunction cases.

Sexual abuse case
Appeared as an expert witness in a sexual abuse case against a school district based employee.

Failure to supervise cases
Failure to provide appropriate coaching/teaching.

Wilderness issues
Analyzed course design and maintenance issues for wilderness recreation
areas and competitive outdoor events.

Fitness facility cases
Assisted NYSC in several patron injury cases.

Venue Safety Case
Served as the Plaintiff's expert witness in the Aurora Theater shooting cases.

Trampoline Cases
Served as an expert witness in several trampoline cases.

As a trained litigator, Gil Fried provides GFA with a wealth of experience to help structure a prudent litigation strategy.  These strategies have provided significant assistant to both plaintiff and defense counsels.  Fried works with both plaintiff and defense related matters.  In addition to traditional expert witness assistance including deposition and trial testimony, Fried has worked on numerous fronts such as developing discovery requests, helping find expert witnesses, evaluating claims before a complaint is filed, and serving as an arbitrator or mediator to help resolve a dispute.

Fees and Rates

GFA charges $250 per hour for all research, writing, and travel time. 

Solution analysis projects and risk management projects are bid and billed based on the project's scope.

GFA charges $300 per hour for deposition and trial testimony. 

GFA can be retained at a daily rate.  This rate is $1,200 per day for non-profit organizations and $1,500 for all other clients (excluding trial work or depositions) plus expenses.  If an executive report takes longer than the eight (8) hour day to complete, each additional hour will be billed at $100.00 per hour.  These rates represent an almost 30% discount for non-profits and an over 10% discount for all other clients.

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Clients wishing to retain GFA on a full-time basis can purchase our one-year plan.  For a yearly fee of $2,000 a client receives 15 hours a year of potential service (a $625 savings) for research, surveying, writing, or investigation.  Any hours over 15 hours are billed at $125 per hour (excluding trial work or depositions).  Any unused hours are extinguished at the end of the 12 month period from the contract execution date if not utilized.  However, if a client renews their one year contract the hours are carried over to the next year.

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